February 14th - 16th, 2019

Armenia, Colombia

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Reboot & Reignite Your Business - GO-FOR-CASH!

Hang out with Ruben Santiago, Patricia Camelo, and a SELECT few INCREDIBLE ENTREPRENEURS!

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Special Guest: 




This is an EXCLUSIVE event for a 

Select Few Entrepreneurs

The purpose of this event is simple.

To share with you the strategies and frameworks that cause cash to flow your way!

The strategies will change YOUR BUSINESS FOR EVER!

Much of what you will discover and DO hands-on during the event, are a direct reflection of what is routinely missed and is effective in any business to sell online or offline.

These are the strategies which are CLOSELY held and are considered a SECRET and ONLY revealed in inner circle masterminds...

You NOW have an incredible opportunity to know, implement and cause massive CASH FLOW!



Armenia, Quindio



15th through the 18th

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You Will Discover The Underground Strategies To Help You Dominate Your Market Space, Win Over New Clients And Have Them Beg You To Take Their Money…

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AxmBoot19 Is Coming 

And YOU MUST be There!

From: Ruben Santiago 

The Villages, FL - Armenia, Colombia

Dear Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, 

Join us in the event where you will discover the underground strategies to help define your 'MARKET' and No, it's NOT what you think it is. Dominate that 'market' space by reaching new clients, and have them beg you to take their CASH.   Could you handle that? 


This is an opportunity ONLY for action takes!

If you want to kick some tires, this isn't for you!

Now, IMAGINE what it would mean for you and your business if you could :

   • Sell to a lot more people at once

   • Increase your customer list

   • Serve to transform others and

   • Sell your products and services online over and over again

Using a STEP-BY-STEP PROVEN SYSTEM, repeatable over and over again, reaching new customers in your locality (or around the world) twenty-four seven.

It's time to live your MISSION as you help more people while reaching the income, and lifestyle, you've always imagined!

This Bootcamp is LIVE and the LAST ONE FOR 2019! 

Don't miss the opportunity and DISCOVER exactly how other entrepreneurs and professionals have transformed their lives and made millions in sales with an EASY TO FOLLOW DUPLICABLE, SYSTEM that you can implement yourself, over and over again.

It's time to stop chasing customers and try to "do it all", wasting time and money. Instead, create a solid digital business foundation.

If you are looking to monetize:

   • Your knowledge 

   • ​Experience, skills, and talent

   • Double your sales

   • Scale your business, and

   • ​Transform the lives of others with your message

You will sit side-by-side with other like-minded business entrepreneurs (of various industries) to share information and give you new insights into markets you probably didn't even know existed before.

This Bootcamp will be unlike anything you’ll have experienced before!

This is your chance to massively propel your business forward! 

Although you'll meet others, be assured this is NOT A "Networking Event"!

It's a hands-on event...

CL-60 is a curriculum...

THE MOMENT IS NOW, to discover the methodology to have a profitable business and enjoy life with purpose.

In the bootcamp you will discover that the ONLY WAY for you to exponentially GROW your business through the mastery of the process and the three-step SYSTEM and methodology we will share with you ...

And that the ONLY WAY to master the three-step process is to understand and follow THE SYSTEM and our methodology.

My friend, there ARE PATTERNS 

and FRAMEWORKS that cause SUCCESS.

There are some shortcuts I do believe in, especially when you can certainly increase your speed to cash flow.

You Now Have 2 Choices:

1) Learn the information, processes, and frameworks through someone who is doing it​​​​​​​

2) Learn them on your own through painful trial and error bleeding your time and wallet...

Guess what, really doesn't matter if you have an:

   - online or offline business...

   - physical or digital product...

   - product or a service...

   - you sell cheap (I sure hope not, if so, we will cure that!) or expensive...

   - you are new or experienced...

   - and whatever...

The entire aim of this event is to show YOU and hands-on approach going through the creation and process, from start to finish, in-depth study (and implementation) of:

Finding your REAL MARKET!

Where are your new customers, those who are looking for and interested in what you're going to offer them, even if you're just getting started!

Then How to ATTRACT those new (or more) customers interested in what you have to offer, CREATING IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS that will make them beg you to sell them NOW!

and How to SCALE AND AUTOMATE with your own perfect presentation and tools, even if you don't know anything or are afraid of technical material...

The processes and frameworks are not in mainstream marketing and in 'guru' trainings, they are GUARDED SECRET only known by a select few!

You see it every day and don't notice it! 

YES, it's THAT freaking SUTTLE! 

They are NOT 'NEW' models, these are concepts amply used by those who know (and soon you will too)!


You will SEE (and know) how to go from ZERO to CASH 


Experienced to MORE cash flow and time freedom! 

If you have a marketing degree, after this bootcamp, you may feel compelled to ask for a FULL-REFUND! 

There is fundamentally WRONG material running rampant in mainstream entrepreneurship today...

You WILL learn these patterns, processes, and frameworks, eventually, I guarantee it! 

The question is: How much of your time, energy and cash are you willing to spend before you 'GET IT'!

I do believe in shortcuts to achieve strategic advantages!

You can MOST certainly increase the speed to cash flow if you are on the right path...

What you will discover will be mind-blowing!


Take A Look At Everything You’re Going To Experience And Achieve ONLY At AxmBOOT19!


YOUR AxmBoot19 EVENT HOSTS​​​​​​​



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Recognized bilingual Digital Marketing industry leader Author, Business Coach, and Speaker.

Author of 'The Boomer Reboot Guide' & 'Reignite Your Economy Guide', Creator of the 'Monthly Club Secrets, The Adult Guide for Recurring Income' and the 'CL-60 Road Map & Launch in 60 Days' program.

Ruben helps professionals monetize their Skills, Knowledge, Experiences, and Passions with what they already know from anywhere in the world with simple to implement automated system.

Specialist in Digital Marketing and Online Business.


Patricia helps entrepreneurs and professionals with creating their online business, based on their life purpose, and shows them how to take the benefits, and the power, of the Internet to explode their incomes.  

Digital entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience. Founder of and her two most recent projects: and 

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Arrival - Registration - Mindset Reboot​​​​​​​

INmersion Bootcamp - Villa De Leiva 2018

36 Entrepreneurs Transformed Their Lives and Businesses


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Why are there so many crappy marketers who get cash by the truckloads, while good people and marketers struggle to get off the ground or expand?

We will really need ALL your focus on day two!

We will actually have LOTS of caffeine, we are in Colombia and IN THE coffee zone after all!

We will GO in HARD!!

We will set the pace from the GET GO! 

We are going to go right into breaking some limiting beliefs you have that have held you back, or instill some NEW ONES if you have none!

Ruben is the only speaker on day ONE! 

He will get YOU ready to take CASH

You will DISCOVER and LEARN the methodologies and frameworks to TRUE MARKETING!

We will cover topics like:

"What is a Market? [it's NOT what you think or have been taught!]

"The RIGHT Market Selection for Your Product"

"Finding THE Core Problem of Your Market"

"Crafting YOUR Core Offer"

"Crafting an Irresistible Offer"

"Hacking Your Own

Sales Funnel"

"FREE Traffic Secrets"

"Full Automation"



"Customers VOTE With Their Wallets"

Yeah BABY!!  

Crafting offers is NOT hard when the 'MARKET' is telling you:

   ** WHAT they WANT

   ** HOW MUCH they are willing PAY FOR IT, and

   ** HOW they want it PACKAGED 

Would you mind standing in front of that line handing out your product and JUST TAKING CASH?

Yes, I did not think you'd say NO!

This is where you are going to discover those clandestine strategies we talk about. 

Where and more importantly, HOW TO get to YOUR HOT MARKET - QUICKLY!!

WE go for CASH first then we build the systems to support the business!

YES, totally counter-intuitive and against everything you have EVER been taught! 

We just want you to stay FOCUSED on the CASH!

Once the CASH starts to come in, YOUR MARKET has spoken! 

NOW we build THE SYSTEMS to support the BUSINESS!

Most, (yeah, like 99%) teach you to build funnels, lead magnets, to worry about the congruency of your colors and fonts ... and whatever else... 

What if "they" DON'T COME" -  you built it all for nothing!

By using this old dated approaches, You WASTED all your time, energy, and effort - not to mention probably a crapload of cash!!! 

WE JUST GO FOR CASH and worry about the rest after we have funded the systems

What if we told you that SOME attendees will even make some CASH, while still in the EVENT, just from putting some the frameworks to work during the LIVE sessions?

Would you be offended if that happened? 

Sign Up Takes Less Than 3 Mins...


"Automation is the KEY to Time Freedom and How to SCALE to Build a TEAM

We have found the MARKET and Fine Tuned Our Offer.

The MARKET has spoken and VOTED with their WALLETS!

Now, we start to automate the process.

We automate the FUNDING of the TRAFFIC!!  



Okay, wait, WHAT??

CRAZY, I know - You are going to discover HOW TO create UNLIMITED TRAFFIC and at NO COST TO YOU!

You are going to discover the MOST HIDDEN and GUARDED SECRET in marketing.

The SECRET the 'gurus' are NOT revealing, and if they do, it's only to their INNER CIRCLE's.

How do I know this, I've been there!!  

Inner Circle Masterminds are SERIOUS INVESTMENTS - THEY ARE NOT CHEAP!!  

I've had the privilege to sit in them and work with some of the most prestigious names in the industry, many a time working behind the scene. 

The knowledge and associations with those who 'know-how 'and 'do it' every day has NO PRICE! 

A hidden gem is how to get your prospects to pay for your traffic - YES!!!

We automate the process of traffic acquisition and prospecting!!

More eyeballs on your offer = more profits!

You will discover how to create a constant communication flow with your prospects through automated systems.

This will give you the time freedom you need in order to focus on the things you really need to be working on and prospecting is not one of them!

Frameworks and templates: it's a process, a system, and a methodology!

You now have in your hands the opportunity to change your future!

You are either going to continue on the same path while expecting different results or make a change and get them! 

See you in Colombia - if you accept the challenge!

Ruben and Patricia


Sign Up Takes Less Than 3 Mins...

"We Live with Passion For What We do"

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Coming to this event and going full out is the 

CHEAPEST and FASTEST way to your success...

✪ Who is this event for? 

Great question. Here is the real information.  If you are just starting out, this will give you a HUGE advantage and maybe even help you before you get all kinds of bad habits (and limiting beliefs) 'installed'!   If you currently have a business that is ALREADY generating revenue, then this will exponentially transform your business and your life.

So, no matter if you have physical or digital products or a service-based business the frameworks and methodologies will work for you!!  We are ALL dealing with PEOPLE! 

So yes, if you are a: doctor, a lawyer, a coach, a consultant, retired, with a college degree, no college degree, a college dropout,  as long you have ambition and the willingness to serve others as your higher purpose - THIS IS FOR YOU!

What Are The Dates For AxmBOOT19? 

Registration starts on August 15th at 5 PM we will have our first event that evening and runs through Sunday the 18th in the afternoon. We guarantee a bed, a pillow, blankets a roof and meals, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY SLEEP!

Where Is The Venue For The Event? 

Hotel Campestre Las Camelias, in Armenia Colombia. Your lodging and meals are ALL included in the event price. You need to confirm with us your meal preferences if any and your time of arrival at the Airport - we will provide transportation to and from the event on Thursday the 8th of August and on Monday the 12th of August.

Are Meals Included?

Yes, ALL your meals are included. If you have certain dietary needs, please let us know in advance. 

All meals are included: Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.  We will also have all-day Coffee service the meeting room.

Can Anyone Attend This Event? 

Yes, if you have (or want to have) a successful business, then this LIVE event is for you!

Who Should NOT Come To This Event? 

Only those who are mentally ill and are opposed to CASH FLOW!

Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?

Yes, we encourage you work with your partner, we are a team ourselves; however, because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to the event.  

Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?

We are not offering refunds, however, we do offer the transfer of tickets (all expenses are pre-paid in advance)

What Do I Need To Bring?

Comfortable clothes, YOUR LAPTOP and the willingness to TAKE CASH!

What Should I Wear?

The dress code is business casual for the event. Our meeting room WILL be on the cool side, so plan accordingly.

Any Other Questions?

Contact us through our support email system - DO NOT send us PM's - that's the fastest way to get blocked out! 

AxmBoot19 FAQ's... ©2019+ All Rights Reserved

The Villages, Florida 32162

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